The LidoLine is a proposal in London to use the canals for commuting, rethinking the existing areas to make them function more efficiently for the city.

‘LidoLine’ is a concept for London’s canals that proposes using them to get to work instead of cycling or taking public transport. While there would be some obstacles to face by swimming (like where would you put your clothes for work?), the idea is to rethink the use of existing infrastructure to make it function more efficiently for the city.

[Y/N] Studio‘s idea is for the routes to be formed by a breathable, multi-layered membrane that filters detritus and bacteria at decreasing scales. The ‘LidoLine’ would form a new network for london, offering commuters a new route. designboom reports that in the winter months a thin gauze of material could be inserted into the water, allowing it to freeze and enabling people to skate to work across the frozen surface.

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