Husky Chat is a Chrome application for sites that features a drop-down message box that lets you chat with others who are on the site at the same time.

Husky Chat is a Chrome extension from New York-based startup Husky Laboratory that turns any site into a chatroom. It lets you chat with other people who are on the website at the same time, as long as they also have it installed.

The tool, which doesn’t require any integration by website owners, offers users a place to easily discuss online content via a drop-down chat box. The creators suggest some examples where this would be useful:

On and being able to talk about the latest political news with other passionate political junkies. Going to to talk to other baseball fans about the no-hitter that took place last night. Ask other shoppers who are checking out the latest gadget on Amazon questions about the product. On a professor’s course page to talk to your fellow classmates about the latest assignment.

Check out the video below for more info about how the technology works:

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