Unlock Smartphones With A Quick Palm Scan [Video]

Unlock Smartphones With A Quick Palm Scan [Video]

A Japanese company creates a biometric app that utilizes the existing camera on the mobile.

Yi Chen
  • 4 october 2012

At the recent CEATEC conference in Chiba, Japan, mobile manufacturer KDDI revealed its latest app that allows a user’s palm print to unlock a phone. The authentication app uses the existing camera on the smartphone to ‘scan’ the unique palm print. The user simply needs to hold out their hand for a few seconds before they’re presented with an onscreen unlock button.

KDDI believes that this technology will provide a higher level of security compared to the current method of entering PIN codes. Nevertheless, a palm scanning app could be of an inconvenience during colder weather when people have their gloves on.

The Android app is scheduled to be launched in the Google Play app store in the upcoming week. Watch the video below for a demonstration of hos the app works.


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