Voice Search While You Video Chat With Multimedia Conferencing App

Voice Search While You Video Chat With Multimedia Conferencing App

MindMeld is an intelligent application which uses voice recognition to listen to a conversation and offer relevant visual content based on what is said.

Carib Guerra
  • 9 october 2012

MindMeld is a digital assistant with a social focus. Created by Expect Labs, this new service uses speech recognition and SIRI-esque artificial intelligence to enhance people’s iPad video conversations.

While you and up to eight friends are speaking with each other, MindMeld listens for key terms in order to suss out the subject of discussion.

Links and images to relevant information are displayed to each party based on what they say. For example, if you’re trying to decide where to get dinner and say a type of cuisine, then maps, menus, reviews, and photos come up of some recommended spots.

Each user can then share their favorite items by tap and swiping them into the ‘share’ space, where they become viewable to everyone.


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