Send A Personalized Video On A Bottle Of Whiskey

Send A Personalized Video On A Bottle Of Whiskey

Diageo used QR codes to enable customers to record personal messages on their gift for Father’s Day in Brazil.

Emma Hutchings
  • 30 october 2012

Diageo introduced bottles of whiskey that buyers could record personalized video messages on for Father’s Day in Brazil. The bottles featured a QR code that, when scanned with a smartphone, allowed them to create their video. Then when their father opened his gift, he could scan the same code on the bottle to see the personal message.

Send A Personalized Video On A Bottle Of Whiskey

AdAge reports that the technology for these “+More” bottles was developed by new software company Evrything. Venky Balakrishnan, Diageo’s VP of marketing innovation, said:

We call it +More because there’s more to the bottle than meets the eye. The bottle has become a medium, but it’s not one size fits all… It’s incredibly rich. We can go back to the same person later in the year and remind them of other opportunities around Christmas, for example, or about events, tastings, offers — anything we do in the world of whiskey. We also get to understand the geography of a bottle and the journey it makes.


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