Wallbrights let you decorate your walls with a modular LED lighting source, which can be controlled by your smartphone to change its color and intensity.

Product development site Quirky has introduced an upcoming product called Wallbrights, which lets you decorate your walls with adhesive decals that also provide a light source.

The modular lighting solution features LEDs that can be remotely controlled by a mobile app, allowing you to switch them on and off, and change the color scheme. The hexagonal and striped shapes each have an adhesive backing so you can stick them in different patterns anywhere you like.

The shapes link up using male and female connectors to distribute power throughout the display, with the final piece plugging into a Bluetooth-enabled power cord. The wall decoration features diffused LEDs that can produce any color on the RGB spectrum. The idea was submitted to the site by Debra Courtenay, and a price point is currently being determined with help from the community.

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