Wanted Criminal Pinterest Page Helps Local Police Fight Crime

Wanted Criminal Pinterest Page Helps Local Police Fight Crime

The Pottstown Mercury has aided local law enforcement by creating a pin board for suspected offenders on the social bookmarking site.

Carib Guerra
  • 2 october 2012


The latest trend to hit the Pinterest boards may not be the prettiest to browse, but The Pottstown Mercury, out of Pottstown, PA, reports that, thanks to their social bookmarking efforts, arrests in the city have increased by 58 percent.


In July of this year The Mercury began pinning the arrest photos of wanted persons from local police departments in the hopes that readers would be able to help pinpoint their locations. Currently the board has 58 pins and 810 followers.

This is not the first time social networks have been used to empower law enforcement. In October of 2011 the Portland Police Department posted the arrest photos of several members of the local Occupy Wall Street movement along with their names and charges.

The  658 comments following the post are a mix of gratitude and outrage. For their part, the Portland Police Bureau commented that:

Anytime there is an arrest of significant public or media interest, a news release is distributed via email and social media. Nearly anytime there is an arrest associated with a news release, photographs will be released as well. All adult mug shots are a public record and are available at

For context, shortly before this release was posted, an arrest was announced after a man walked into a stranger’s home and started watching TV. His photo also was released.

No change in policy or different treatment for Occupy Portland arrests, merely consistency with all news releases of significant public and media interest.

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