Artist Turns 6,700 Confiscated Weapons Into Musical Instruments [Pics]

Artist Turns 6,700 Confiscated Weapons Into Musical Instruments [Pics]
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Project addresses violence by upcycling scrap metal from weapons into functional instruments.

Plus Aziz
  • 25 october 2012

A noteworthy art project that was spotted at the Istanbul Design Biennial, is the work of Pedro Reyes. Hailing from Mexico City, Reyes is an artist known for taking firearms and turning them into something more beautiful and useful.  Previously in 2008, he melted down 1,527 firearms to create as many shovels that were used to plant 1,527 trees.

His most recent project, ‘Imagine’ saw the destruction and recreation of nearly 7,000 firearms into 50 musical instruments.

The work was commissioned by Alumnos 47, the artist documented the process of how weapons are destroyed and provided content revealing how the instruments were made. He and a group of 6 musicians worked to gather the discarded weapons and shaped them into functional musical instruments within 2 weeks. Watch their performance of Rage Against the Machine’s ‘Bullet in the Head’ to see the instruments in action:

Pedro Reyes // Follow Pedro on Twitter

Images via designboom

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