Writers are angry about the lack of royalties they get when their tracks are played and think they deserve a bigger slice of the action.

This article titled “Music streaming: what do songwriters really get from YouTube or Pandora?” was written by Helienne Lindvall, for guardian.co.uk on Wednesday 10th October 2012 13.57 UTC

There's been much speculation as to the enormous amount of money Psy must have raked in from the hundreds of millions of hits his Gangnam Style video has had on YouTube. There's no way of knowing for sure, as all Google/YouTube deals are covered by non-disclosure agreements – and do not allow independent labels to demand audits. However, the chances are that though the amount won't be insignificant, it will be much lower than one might think. And, judging by the royalty statements that just landed on the doormats of songwriters all around the world, we can be certain that the co-writer of the track didn't earn a fortune off YouTube.

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