3D Printed Aston Martin Debuts In Bond's 'Skyfall'

3D Printed Aston Martin Debuts In Bond's 'Skyfall'
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A large format machine was used to create three replicas of the hero's signature vintage car.

Plus Aziz
  • 13 november 2012

James Bond isn’t the most careful with his cars; so how did filmmakers ensure the safety of the original (and rare) 1960 Aston Martin DB 5 that appeared in the very first Bond film? 3D-printing company Voxeljet created three printed replicas to keep the original one out of harm’s way.

To make the replicas as close to the original as possible, they printed plastic parts using the highly advanced VX4000 3D printer for large format printing. After printing 18 parts, they then put them together them the same way a real car would be assembled. 3Ders sheds light on the intricacy of the production process:

Voxeljet started the printing process once the CAD data for all components were available. The models are produced with the layer-wise application of particle material that is glued together with a binding agent. The plastic material PMMA is used for this purpose; it is ideally suited for precisely these types of tasks. The individual components that are made of PMMA feature outstanding attention to detail, but are also very stable and resilient, which means that they are well suited for mechanical post-processing.


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