App Turns Camera Shots Into Sketches

App Turns Camera Shots Into Sketches

Tired of the usual apps that transform your images into cliched cartoon cutouts? Colorized transforms photos into authentic-looking hand drawings.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 14 november 2012

Colorized is a new iOS app created by startup company Happiness Engines that allows you to transform your photos into sketches, which you can then color in like a coloring book to create a personalized ‘drawing.’ A user creates a sketch by first taking a photograph using an iPhone, after which the app will sketch a monochrome outline. You can then choose to add colors, lines, additional accents, or erase the drawings through the eraser, pencil, or spray can tools.

Colorized bills itself as the “truly social sketching app that lets you and your friends sketch what’s around — or whatever’s in your head — and then remix every sketch you see.” From Colorized:

Find what your friends are sketching, and throw a new twist on that self-portrait of your boss. Or that sweet dragon your buddy drew. Or those kicks your cousin just scored (they were obviously the wrong color). Whatever you find, you can redo. Each remix gets grouped with its inspiration, so you can hold ongoing sketch battles between friends and always flip to what happened previously.



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