Movie Created From 1 Second Of Life Each Day

Movie Created From 1 Second Of Life Each Day

Capture memories with this unique platform that splices an instant from each of your videos to make a life record.

Alice Chan
  • 29 november 2012

The 1 Second Everyday App, created by Cesar Kuriyama, is an app that will create a movie of your life by splicing together one second videos every day. PSFK previously profiled Kuriyama’s TED audition – The Power of One Second Video, and since then, he has worked with Alchemy50 to turn the idea into an app so anyone can record their life. The app pulls one second from existing videos in users’ devices or allows users to record directly from the app. The idea is inspired by making each day count, instead of letting the days, months, & years blend together. Kuriyama says of the concept:

Digital Cameras have made it easy to capture our lives, so most people are over-doing it. And just because we can, doesn’t mean we should. The limitations of rolls of film used to force us to prioritize what was worth capturing & what wasn’t. I believe we should record less, & live more. Ruthlessly record only what’s most important. This project has produced an interesting side-effect: it encourages me to do at least one interesting thing every day.

The app contains a built-in calendar function which allows the users to effortlessly compile the movie and send out friendly notifications to remind them to do so. After recording the movie, users can post their compilations directly to youTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Tumblr. The app is currently available for beta testers only, and funding for the project has started on Kickstarter. Check out a video of the app below.

1 Second Everyday App



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