A Look Back At This Year’s Apple Ads

A Look Back At This Year’s Apple Ads

Take a look at the various marketing efforts the tech giant has created in in 2012. A chaotic melange, or a continual fresh approach? You decide.

Plus Aziz
  • 27 november 2012

As Apple continues to cement its advertising efforts in the post-Jobs era, we have seen a handful of interesting initiatives that have cast a wide net of creative concepts as Apple conveys its vision, striking a balance between new and veteran consumers.

Their marketing efforts indicate a shift towards a wider appeal. Some might say there is little to no consistency in terms of the creative concepts, but we should also consider that the style variations help to keep people on their toes and ensure the brand does not become stale.

The most recent ad was seen on Pitchfork, a website focused  on independent music. The rich media ad unit is a vibrant one celebrating the iPod Touch 5G. Apple has developed custom ad units for Pitchfork over the years, so there is good synergy between the website’s traffic and Apple fans. Take a look at it below.

Earlier this year, ads were developed addressing core design issues that get at the heart of what makes Apple products so successful and design-centric. The two ads below talk about the size of our hands and shape of our ears; this focus on ‘common sense design’ puts their competitors on the spot, particularly competitors who are making what Apple might consider oversized phones.

Below is a similar ad addressing the fact that earphones should not be round because people’s ears are not shaped that way.

There was also a lot of buzz generated through Apple’s ads for the London Olympics. While Apple blogs treated the ads neutrally, there was a general sense of dissatisfaction and confusion around these sitcom-style ads. Ken Segall wrote an extensive article on the various ways these commercials were a misstep for the brand and Forbes Magazine also reflected some of the criticism the ads received, explaining why they had such a short lifespan on television.

If advertising is an anchoring indicator of a brand’s positioning, Apple is likely to continue trying things out until they hit the nail on the head. While not all the creative concepts are as captivating as their previous work, they seem determined to maintain a presence on niche and mass media.


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