16 Stories You Need To Know Today

16 Stories You Need To Know Today

The Apple TV might be near, Amazon shows interest in physical stores and shoppers get ready for Black Friday.... Links to start your day with.

Andrew Vaterlaus-Staby
  • 20 november 2012

Four in five teenagers hide their internet activity from their parents. Telegraph

Contributing writer at Wired says that we might be living in the least disruptive age in history. Wired

Marks and Spencer sales of socially responsible items reaches 1 billion. Triple Pundit

Scott Dadich named Editor-in-Chief of Wired. Media Bistro

The Apple TV is ‘imminent’. Business Insider

Amazon chief Jeff Bezos would ‘love to’ open physical stores. Telegraph

Here are the 36 different types of people who use Facebook. Digital Buzz

Ikea admits to using political prisoners to make their products. Marketing Magazine

Facebook could slow down as it switches users to secure HTTPS connections. TechCrunch

Facebook and Yahoo are discussing a partnership. TechCrunch

322 months in a row with higher than average temperatures. Wired

Many Black Friday shoppers are ready to go at 3 am. Mashable

What magazine beat out Sports Illustrated for the most beer ads? Business Insider

Android deletes December birthdays. Guardian

AC/DC is now on iTunes. TechCrunch

Politician uses reddit to crowdsource bill. Wired

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