Architects Design A Better Greenmarket

Architects Design A Better Greenmarket
Design & Architecture

The modular system encourages a more friendly shopping experience.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 29 november 2012

The growth and popularity of farmers markets and greenmarkets across the US in the past decade is obvious to see. The range of items available for sale has moved far beyond produce to include wine, pickled everything, prepared dishes from cuisines around the world, handmade clothing, jewelry and I’ve even seen artist made bird feeders. While the selection has evolved, the market experience for the most part has not. Vendors set up tents in long rows, unfold some tables, and stack their goods.

The situation is similar in the Czech Republic. Market operators Zelené Trhy wanted to improve the shopping experience and commissioned local architects EDIT! to devise a new vendor stand design.

A goal of EDIT!’s work was to transform the role of the vendor into an advisor who helps with purchasing decisions. This resulted in redesigning the shape of the stalls to be more open and encourage conversation between the seller and consumers. The V-shaped stalls can be arranged in a variety of ways to create clusters with adjacent vendor storage areas.

The redesign of the stall interior includes space for a glass-front refrigerator, shelving which holds standardized produce boxes, and large panels covered with chalkboard paint for creating signage. Each of the stalls folds closed and can be locked at night.

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