Tool Helps Readers React To A News Article

Tool Helps Readers React To A News Article

ShoutAbout is a widget sites can add to the end of stories that empowers online visitors to learn more and get involved.

Emma Hutchings
  • 5 november 2012

Pertinent after the recent hurricane, ShoutAbout is a widget that sites can install that will suggest a relevant action at the end of an article. For example, articles about Sandy would include links to sites like the Red Cross or local non-profits involved in relief efforts.

The engagement tool for news sites and blogs complements existing comment sections and empowers visitors to learn more or take meaningful action on their content. ShoutAbout makes it easy for people to learn from the collective expertise of the community, influence the issues they care about, and share actions or associated articles with their social networks.

News Tool Shows Readers How They Can Take Action After Reading An Article

ShoutAbout is designed to help drive reader engagement, promote sharing, and measure the social value of news. The tool is currently being piloted with a select group of news sites.


Photo by Jimmy Jack Kane

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