Artisan Candy Makers Redefine The ‘Traditional’ Sweet Shop

Artisan Candy Makers Redefine The ‘Traditional’ Sweet Shop

Papabubble hires Yusuke Seki to design candy stores in a minimalistic style that emphasizes handmade products.

Zachary Kraemer
  • 1 november 2012

Japanese Architect Yusuke Seki has recently embarked on a new series of projects, attempting to completely reinvent the candy shop. Creating unique spaces for artisan caramel candy company Papabubble, Seki has curated storefronts that not only sell caramels, but also serve as exhibition spaces for production of the product. The latest space Seki has designed is located in Amsterdam.

Blending both the kitchen and sales floor into one large area, the shop invites onlookers to watch ‘caramel artisans’ create delicious custom treats from start to finish. And don’t even begin to think Papabubble’s uniquely designed stores sell traditional hardy candy. The company crafts custom flowers, fruit slices, lollipops and even jewelry, all out of their trademark handmade caramel candy.

Starting out as a substantially small company, Papabubble has grown into a world-renowned brand with 12 stores scattered across the globe. The shops, known for their excellent candy and handmade artisanal craft have definitely broken the definition of ‘traditional’ candy shop.

As Martha Stewart put it: “Papabubble is spreading an artsy kind of sweetness throughout the world, one city at a time.”


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