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Art-focused startup builds a platform to amass anticipation and extend the reach of international events.

Plus Aziz
  • 30 november 2012

Some call the pandora for art discovery. They developed an art preview platform for Design Miami which includes 400 works from all 36 exhibitors, effectively bringing the offline event online for those that can’t attend. In a piece by the Huffington Post:

Works by designers including Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Wendell Castle and Pierre Charpin will be available for your online perusal, along with 150 other top inventors of innovative furniture forms. We highly recommend going through the list to strategize before you actually get to Miami, because we imagine things are going to get stressful once you’re there.

The point is to build the anticipation; the idea of previewing is an important trend that has been pointed out by forecasters like Trendwatching. They join ideas like this with other participatory activity such as pre-ordering, crowdfunding, and consumer equity. While viewing the works digitally won’t do the works justice, it adds a new dynamic to the ritual of preparing for a museum visit, perhaps even establishing a new ritual entirely for some museum visitors.

Click through to see some of the preview below.


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