‘Ballroom’ Jeans Give Men Extra Space When Crouching

‘Ballroom’ Jeans Give Men Extra Space When Crouching

A jean company proposes a solution for active men who worry about the lack of movement and comfort that skinny pants provide.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 12 november 2012

For men with an active regular routine such as runners, messengers, or construction workers, wearing tight-fitting or skinny jeans may cause “cheap hotel syndrome,” a casual term that denotes lack of space in the crotch region (no ballroom). To answer this problem, Duluth Trading Company has introduced ‘Ballroom’ jeans, a line specially designed to give men extra “wiggle room” when they crouch.

The Ballroom Jeans is equipped with a Hidden Crouch Gusset, an extra flap of fabric that allows the crotch to “breathe” in positions that require bending, such as crouching or stooping. It also features 60% larger zip pull, 12-inch front pockets that are resistant to punctures from sharp tools, and bar-tacked back pockets.

Check out the hilarious Ballroom Jeans ad and product demo in the videos below:

Duluth Ballroom Jeans

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