Bentley Creates An Executive Office Suite In Their Latest Car

Bentley Creates An Executive Office Suite In Their Latest Car

Luxury automotive company crafts a backseat workspace that features dual iPads, wireless keyboards and USB ports.

Zachary Kraemer
  • 8 november 2012

Bentley’s recently developed ‘Executive Interior’ for its Mulsanne luxury automobile that puts the most breathtaking corner offices to shame. The interior, which is only available upon special order features dual iPads and wireless keyboards which are built into the seatbacks, that enables its passengers to independently send off emails, check up on the stock market, or see what’s going on in the news, all before they get to the office.

If the iPad’s 3G isn’t fast enough, don’t worry. The Bentley Mulsanne offers a built in Wifi hotspot that delivers blazing fast internet speeds, allowing rear passengers to work diligently or stream Netflix while taking a break. The hotspot allows short-range use of Wi-Fi enabled devices outside of the car as well.

As if two iPads aren’t enough, a 15.6-inch high definition electrically deployed screen also takes center stage for those in the rear of the car. Backed by the processing power of an onboard hard drive and an Apple computer, you can be sure watching television programs or movies will always be an option. Passengers can run through presentations before going to a meeting with twin USB ports that are located in the centre console that provide access to the Mac for file uploads which can be viewed on the center screen in seconds.

Bentley Executive Interior

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