Architecture Firm Creates Bike-Mounted Mobile Home

Architecture Firm Creates Bike-Mounted Mobile Home
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Chinese company dot Architects creates a movable home you can cycle to work with.

Laura Feinstein
  • 29 november 2012

China may be outpacing the West, not just in industrial innovation and math, but now in the field of mobile home development as well. Recently rolled out by design firm dot Architects, their newest innovation the Bao House is literally a boxed and quilted apartment on wheels. Attached to the back of a bicycle, the Bao House is made from spray polyurethane foam (SPF), which dot Architects injected into a timber and fabric mould held together with pins and string.

According to principal designer Ning Duo:

SPF is normally concealed behind the finishing surface and functions only as supplementary material. Bao House tries to explore this common material and reinterpret it in a new fabrication system.

At the end of this whole process (which also involves creating mini-house molds of the above), the artist is left with what is roughly equivalent to a large tent, medium size tree-house, or normal NYC apartment.

For those intrigued by this mobile lifestyle but worried about feeling cramped, a roof of transparent polycarbonate lets light inside the shelter, where a mattress covers the floor to allow enough sleeping space for up to three people. While there’s no door, one of the walls is able to slide open allowing residents to climb in and out.

The inspiration for Boa House comes from the Chinese word ‘Bao’ (meaning bulge), and was created for Get It Louder 2012, an exhibition of visual art and design at the Sanlitun Village Shopping Centre in Beijing, after a request to design a mobile living space that is human-powered.

For those looking for a unique gift this Christmas andcan’t afford the personal island home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, this makes a (relatively) inexpensive substitute that’s highly original, as well as portable.

Check out more images of the house in the gallery below.

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