Bike-Powered Phone Charging Stations Coming To NYC

Bike-Powered Phone Charging Stations Coming To NYC

Ever experienced the difficulties of a dead phone? The Charge Cycle offers New Yorkers a sustainable, free human-powered way to juice up your mobile device.

Alice Chan
  • 12 november 2012

The Charge Cycle is a bike equipped with a phone charging dock and stand where anyone can cycle for a charge. This Kickstarter-based  collaborative project by David Krawczyk and Navjot Kaur, is a healthy, sustainable, and convenient way to get power that would be available around NYC for free.

This unique new technology is composed of a stationary bike, a charging dock, and a web-based application. The charging dock, which holds the bike upright and stationary, also secures the phone with a unique silicone band. It provides charge progress on a 10 segment LED display bar and is enclosed in a watertight box perfect for rainy days. The Charge Cycle team is also working on a web-based application that users can download on their mobile devices to find out bike locations and usage details, such as how many calories burned. The Charge Cycle is scheduled to debut in early May 2013, with at least 30 bikes on lease to Kickstarter backers around New York City. Watch a demo video of this human-powered phone charger below.

The Charge Cycle via Kickstarter

The Charge Cycle

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