BMW’s High-Tech Steering Wheel Brings Driving Stats To Your Fingertips

BMW’s High-Tech Steering Wheel Brings Driving Stats To Your Fingertips

BMW introduces the Performance Steering Wheel for racing and speed enthusiasts, providing information like fuel consumption and race split times for the most optimal drive.

Alice Chan
  • 12 november 2012

BMW brings motorists the latest technology in improving driving performance with is new Performance Steering Wheel. This gadget features embedded displays that give drivers access to a variety of efficiency and motorsport-related functions. The three digital displays, one OLED and two LED, activates three modes: ECO, Sport and Race. In ECO mode, the wheel helps facilitate a fuel-saving drive. Sport mode includes a stopwatch, a current fuel consumption display, and a g-meter showing and recording momentary acceleration. Finally, Race mode incorporates a lap timer with various split-time and memory functions. An optional lap trigger is available separately, which uses an infrared transmitter and receiver to measure lap times automatically and extremely accurately. Race mode also allows a variety of acceleration times to be measured, such as the time taken to reach 100 km/hr from a standing start or for the American quarter-mile sprint. 

All functions are operated via buttons conveniently located in the thumb-rest areas. In all three modes, the LEDs can be used to inform drivers of the optimum shift point, radiator temperature, and the oil temperature in the case of petrol engines. The wheel retails for US$1,700 on BMW’s website. Check out a video of this high-tech steering wheel in action below.



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