Students Learn On A Floating School During Monsoon Season [Pics]

Students Learn On A Floating School During Monsoon Season [Pics]
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Eco-friendly boat allows kids to continuously learn even during heavy floods.

Yi Chen
  • 26 november 2012

Bangladesh, India, experiences heavy seasonal rainfall that often leads to flash flooding. Monsoons disrupt learning where hundreds of schools frequently shut down for up to four months a year. The non-profit orgnaization Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha addresses this issues by building solar-powered wooden boats that act as floating schools during floods.

Each boat is made from locally-sourced natural materials and includes a small library with electronic resources, and a laptop with Internet connectivity. Every boat can host up to 30 people, and also acts as a mode of transportation to pick up and drop off the students. The boats double as workshop spaces for parents and adults, where after-school classes include lessons in agriculture, finance, health and hygiene.

Click through to see more images of the school boat below:


Shidhulai Wwanirvar Sangstha


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+financial services
+solar power

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