Shopping Bot Buys Its Owner Random Gifts From Amazon

Shopping Bot Buys Its Owner Random Gifts From Amazon

Program uses algorithms to surprise its user with various books, CDs, and DVDs.

Yi Chen
  • 26 november 2012

Darius Kazemi’s latest project is the Amazon Random Shopper. This bot is programmed to buy a random item off the online shopping site within a limited budget. The bot automatically chooses a random word from Wornik API, and then inputs this keyword into Amazon search. After this, it looks into the categories paperback book, CD and DVD in the results and then purchases the first item listed.

Kazemi sets a budget with a giftcard, to avoid over spending. The bot is able to repeat the process until all the money on the card is used up. His inspiration behind this program is the feeling of receiving a random surprise in the mail. Kazemi explains that, “When you order something on Amazon, and it’s put on backorder, and then you forget you ordered it, and a year later it arrives, and it’s like a gift you bought yourself.”

You can find out what Kazemi has been receiving in the mail from the bot by following his blog.

Amazon Random Shopper

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