Filter Box Removes All Online Ads

Filter Box Removes All Online Ads

The Kickstarter project called 'AdTrap' may spell the end of internet ad space.

Wesley Robison
  • 13 november 2012

Tired of pop up ads? Need to focus on your upcoming deadline? Are you just not that interested in how to make thousands of dollars from home in the next pyramid scam targeted at stay-at-home moms? Well now there is an easy way to block every ad that comes across the wires with AdTrap.

There has been a consistently oscillating battle between users and companies as users seek to skip over, block and ignore ads while companies look to generate revenue through the medium.  Since the release of Tivo, consumers have been trying to put their finger on new ways to enjoy their digital media free of interruptions and ads. The AdTrap Kickstarter project aims to deliver a faster and cleaner web source for information seekers. The simple device plugs-in between a users modem and routers, removing ads before they are even broadcast across ethernet or wifi connections. The ability to flatly remove all ads is a declaration of war against ad space. The founders of AdTrap noticed how ad space has been an increasingly dominant real estate developer on the internet and built the hackable open software to remove ads and become a utility for the internet traditionalist as they battle for a pure platform.

The group of three Palo Alto-based developers were so inspired by the ad free experience that they developed the $120 box to help others reach internet surfing nirvana. The plug and play mini computer runs off a Linux operating system, programmed to remove ad space from websites, videos, mobile apps and other ad platforms. The device has an array of inputs and interfaces for community members to develop ad ons for users to help track their own internet usage, among other possibilities.

Some sites have asked that future users add their sites to a safe list as ad revenue has become a helpful mechanism to deliver quality content. Although in a limited run, the technology and community building campaign poses a problem for media companies and ad providers, like Google, as the ad skipping battle spreads to the internet.

Images Via: AdTrap


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