Bravo Social Television Game Lets Viewers Play During Shows

Bravo Social Television Game Lets Viewers Play During Shows

Network airs Play Live, a live interactive game that displays real-time results on viewer's tv screens.

Zachary Kraemer
  • 27 november 2012

Yesterday evening, Bravo debuted a social experience to television audiences everywhere. The new kind of social television, which Bravo is calling Play Live, aired during the show Watch What Happens Live at 11pm ET.

Viewers were given the option to participate in live polls and observe the real-time results at the bottom portion of their television screens. Accessible on mobile phones, tablets, desktops, and through the Bravo Now app, Play Live makes participating fun and easy, since no codes or special equipment is required to play.

The Play Live experience will also be extended to ads, allowing viewers to participate in polls or gain access to exclusive online coupons.

In the coming months, Lisa Hsia, executive vice president of Bravo Digital Media, explains that Play Live will air on various other popular Bravo television shows, including Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Million Dollar Listing.

Lisa Hsia explains the basis of Bravo’s new social television:

This kind of real-time interactivity and game engine displayed on your TV set has never been available before for entertainment shows without a live control room, so Bravo wanted to test out this new frontier, it’s a new way for fans to enjoy the show with other fans and encourages live viewing.

Play Live


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