Artist Builds Trees Entirely Out Of Bubble Wrap

Artist Builds Trees Entirely Out Of Bubble Wrap
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Designer Makoto Orisaki has manufactured an indoor woodland space using only the plastic packing material.

Andrew Vaterlaus-Staby
  • 16 november 2012

Designer Makoto Orisaki’s new creation outlining is a manufactured woodland teeming with replica trees made entirely from bubble wrap. The installation was the result of five months of research and construction, to create an in depth exposition of the ubiquitous packing material. The installation also explores the idea of how humans can recreate natural landscapes using synthetic materials.

In order to construct the trees, Makoto plastered tree trunks with wet cardboard, generating a useable mold from the tree. He would then layer this shell with sheets of bubble wrap and interfere with it to create an assortment of textures reminiscent of tree bark. Once removed from the mold, the result is a full-scale replica of a tree made entirely from bubble wrap.

Click through the gallery below to further explore Orisaki’s creations:

Image credit:  © designboom

Header image © daici ano

Makato Orisaki

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