Collapsible Mobile Movie Theater Brings Cinema To Tsunami Victims

Collapsible Mobile Movie Theater Brings Cinema To Tsunami Victims
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Yasuke Yamamoto's theater is able to fit in to a shipping truck, then open up like a russian doll wherever entertainment is needed.

Andrew Vaterlaus-Staby
  • 7 november 2012

Yusuke Yamamoto began work on his ‘Moveable Movie Theater’ project after doing volunteer work in the Tohoku region destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami last year. During that time, many of the of the survivors he came across expressed a simple desire to go and see a movie. Not only had all the movie theaters in the region been destroyed, but current laws prohibit the building of certain permanent structures in the earthquake and tsunami ravaged region. Yamamoto came up with his new design for a moveable theater while discussing the revitalization of the region’s film industry with a professor of film at Tohoku University.

The theater’s rectangular structure allows for easy transport on a single truck, with each layer housed within another, much like a nesting doll. When in use, the accordion like layers are simply pulled out into a functional, multi-level theater.  The current design is able to fit about 30 people, and also features bookshelves along the sides to double as a moveable library.

Yamamoto has said that he hopes his design will bring “smiles to the faces” of those currently living in the Tohoku region.

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