Artist Creates Community Advice Posters From Your 80-Year-Old Self

Artist Creates Community Advice Posters From Your 80-Year-Old Self
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Susan O'Malley interviewed the local people and designed ten different posters using advice that people would have given themselves when younger.

Emma Hutchings
  • 23 november 2012

Artist Susan O’Malley’s ‘Community Advice‘ project features posters hung like advertisements around Palo Alto with the wise words of local residents. She interviewed nearly 100 people, asking them what advice they would give their 8-year-old self and their 80-year-old self. Using their words, she then designed ten letterpress posters. They include “Speak up for yourself, believe in yourself, be proud of yourself”, “Take more chances, make more friends”, and “Keep moving, keep playing, keep dreaming”.

Community Art Project Places Posters With Advice To Your Younger Self Around Palo Alto

O’Malley notes that she wanted to create this art project because it’s easy to forget how wise we can be. She told Co.Create:

It was interesting to hear the different advice that people would give. It turns out, everyone gives out around the same advice. You heard the same things over and over again. A lot of it was synthesizing things I heard.

The Community Advice posters are available to buy from O’Malley’s website for $50. Those who order one will also receive three bonus prints to hang in public, and they can photograph these to have their image, first name and location posted on the website.

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