Instantly Connect To A Friend’s WiFi Network Via Facebook [Video]

Instantly Connect To A Friend’s WiFi Network Via Facebook [Video]

Instabridge is a secure and simple way to use and share friends' Internet connection.

Yi Chen
  • 27 november 2012

Instabridge is an app from a Swedish startup that makes it convenient for users to connect to a friend’s WiFi network when they’re visiting. We’ve all experienced the frustration of going to someone else’s home and asking for the WiFi network and password — your friend frantically searches for it,  and you’re handed a piece of paper with badly scribbled letters and numbers.

With Instabridge, the process is simplified as you can connect with your Facebook friends and choose weather to grant or deny them access to the current WiFi network you’re using without giving away the password. The app isn’t just limited to the home network, but also if you’re in a cafe or shop, you can allow your friends access to the WiFi network.

The bigger picture is that as more friends gain WiFi access to different locations, your free WiFi network coverage would also increase. Once you no longer want a friend accessing your WiFi, you can revoke his/her privileges by deleting him/her.  Watch the video below for an explanation of how Instabridge works:


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