Lightbulbs Controlled With A Smartphone [Video]

Lightbulbs Controlled With A Smartphone [Video]

Spark is a special socket that connect ordinary lights to an online network.

Yi Chen
  • 19 november 2012

We’ve previously covered high-tech lightbulbs like the LIFX where users can control the bulb using a smartphone.  Now, Spark Devices has launched a working prototype that enables any ordinary lightbulb to be controlled with a wireless device. The Spark Socket is a standard lightbulb socket that connects to the Internet over a Wi-Fi network. Users can use the app from a smartphone, tablet, or computer, to complete various commands such as switching the lights on and off, dimming the lights, and setting times to automatically turn the lights on and off .

Founder Zach Supalla told Wired in a recent interview that:

The Spark Socket was inspired by my dad, who’s deaf and uses lights for notification. At first I wanted to solve a specific problem he has. Now that he uses a cellphone for text messaging, he’s very difficult to get a hold of when he’s at home and takes his phone out of his pocket. However, once I started working on it I realized that there was a lot of potential for broader uses by providing an open API.

The prototype is currently being funded on Kickstarter and aims to reach $250,000 by mid-December. Backers can pre-order a Spark Socket for $60. Watch the video below to see how the Spark prototype works:

 Spark Socket 

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