Technology Lets Users Control Smartphones With Gestures

Technology Lets Users Control Smartphones With Gestures

GestIC technology from Microchip could enable gesture-based user interfaces for a range of devices.

Emma Hutchings
  • 14 november 2012

Microchip has announced its patented GestIC technology, which could enable people to use simple hand gestures to control their smartphone. The configurable MGC3130 is the world’s first electrical-field-based 3D gesture controller, and could lead to intuitive user interfaces for a range of devices.

It uses sensors to track changes in the electrical field around the phone instead of a camera, using 90% less power. As its power consumption is only 150 microwatts in its active sensing state, the MGC3130 enables always-on 3D gesture recognition.

Technology Lets You Control Your Smartphone With Gestures

GestIC technology utilizes thin sensing electrodes made of any conductive material to enable invisible integration behind the device’s housing.  This allows for visually appealing industrial designs at very low total system costs.  It also provides 100% surface coverage (eliminating “angle of view” blind spots) and has a detection range of up to 15 cm. Mass production of this technology is expected in April 2013. You can check out the video demonstration below:


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