iPad App Lets Anyone Become An Animator

iPad App Lets Anyone Become An Animator

Creatorverse allows you to draw an object and then instantly move and interact with it like an animation.

Andrew Vaterlaus-Staby
  • 9 november 2012

Creatorverse, by Linden Lab is an app that allows anyone to create and interact with their own animations. The game is a sandbox style 2D drawing interface which resembles MS Paint. But rather than ending the experience with a mere drawing, everything you create can be assigned a simple, interactive function, simulated in a physics engine.

You begin with a blank page, and from here can let your imagination run wild. The open-ended approach allows users to create their own games, games, puzzles, mazes, drawings, or more.  Once your creation is complete, it can be instantly shared in what they call the ‘creatorverse universe’, where others people creations can be downloaded and tweaked. The possibilities are limited only by the users imagination.

Check out this video for a closer look at how it works:

Creatorverse is available on the App store now for $4.99.

Linden Lab

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