Device Translates Radioactivity Into A Symphony

Device Translates Radioactivity Into A Symphony
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Nuclear Musicians invent an instrument that plays sounds when it detects radioactive isotopes in the air.

Plus Aziz
  • 6 november 2012

The Radioactive Orchestra is a mechanism by Kollektivet Livet that turns radioactive isotopes into music.

He recently presented a new instrument that makes the level of radiation in the air more evident to people. The invisible radiation is translated into sounds, pulses, tunes, and beats through a photon detector which is connected to a computer, playing high and low notes depending on its energy.

Click through the images below to see more detailed shots of the technology.

The device is the end-result of a collaboration between nuclear physicists, a DJ and a media artist. A brief description of their TEDx talk communicates the project’s goals and ambitions:

The project wishes to inspire young people to learn about the natural sciences, but it also has an artistic aim to find new musically interesting patterns. By giving every radioactive isotop its own sound based on scientific algorithms they turn nuclear science into music, hence making a world available to us that our senses can not otherwise perceive.

Check out their TEDx Talk:

Kollektivet Livet

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