‘Donate’ Unused Apps To Charity With The Touch Of A Finger

‘Donate’ Unused Apps To Charity With The Touch Of A Finger

Marketing students come up with an idea for a virtual donation box that collects the value of your unwanted mobile apps and gives the proceeds to the Salvation Army.

Alice Chan
  • 19 november 2012

A group of advertising students have created a fake promo ad for Apple for a new app called “Donation Box.” Apple users are encouraged to donate to charity using this simple app that donates the price of an app to the Salvation Army. Unwanted apps are traded in at their purchase price and Apple will donate cash to charity. The students from Miami Ad School came up with this brilliant idea after seeing the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. One of the team members, Westley Taylor, explains:

This increasingly digital generation has the tendency to lose touch with the physical world. The Donation Box takes this symbol of our digital consumerism, unneeded applications, and brings them back to the real world. And at the same time it does it altruistically. All that was left was to come up with a simple UI mechanic and bingo, there you have it.

Watch the concept video for the “Donation Box” app below.

Apple Donation Box via Vimeo

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