Dry Erase Cartoon Board Lets Anyone Become A Comic Writer

Dry Erase Cartoon Board Lets Anyone Become A Comic Writer

A promising Kickstarter project, Magnet Comic is a magnetic board in the shape of a newspaper funnies strip.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 28 november 2012

One of the challenging aspects of drawing for comic strips is having to condense and downsize information and artworks within a limited space. Drawing comic strips from scratch thus becomes a tedious and cumbersome process, from creating the artworks from a blank plane, accounting for errors, to visualizing the text flow throughout the strip. To help aspiring comic strip enthusiasts, American artist and innovator Erik Heumiller has created Magnet Comic, a customizable comic strip that lets you create your own comics using up to 36 magnetic characters and a dry-erase marker. Each character has varying facial expressions that aim to capture a range of moods for appropriate dialogues. The artist can then craft the copy and match it with the corresponding character

Magnet Comic is inclusive  of a walnut wood comic strip with dry-erase panels, magnets on the back for mounting on a refrigerator or filing cabinet, a stand, marker and microfiber wipe. Each kit includes a basic pack of 4 characters, and each character has 9 different facial expressions. Since its launch on November 16th, Magnet Comic has gained a massive following with over 46 thousand US dollars of pledges, about seven times more than its target fund of USD 6,500.

Watch the video below to learn more about Magnet Comic:

Magnet Comic


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