Edible Desk Lamp Comes In Multiple Flavors [Pics]

Edible Desk Lamp Comes In Multiple Flavors [Pics]
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These candy-colored lights made of biodegradable glycerin can be eaten once they are no longer being used.

Yi Chen
  • 26 november 2012

In the future, in addition selecting the color and design of a product, we might be able to choose how it tastes as well. New York-based designer Victor Vetterlein, created the ‘Bite Me’ desk lamp that can be eaten when you’re done with it.

The exterior of this simple lamp is made from a biodegradable plastic that is derived from vegetable glycerin and agar. Before eating it, you first need to take out the electrical components, and simply soak the plastic in water for an hour. Once it’s submerged in water, the biodegradable material begins to soften up. The Bite Me lamp also comes in four flavors, including cherry, apple, orange, and blueberry.

Click through to see more images of this outlandish design.

Victor Vetterlein


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