E-Ink iPhone Case Updates Display With Photos In Real-Time

E-Ink iPhone Case Updates Display With Photos In Real-Time

Popslate is an ever-changing display that comes with its own social imaging app.

Emma Hutchings
  • 30 november 2012

Always changing your iPhone case? Popslate is a smart iPhone 5 case with an ever-changing display thanks to the 4″ E-Ink screen on the back. It’s ruggedized, low-power, always-on, and customizable. The case comes with an accompanying photo app, which allows you to easily “pop” pictures to the E-Ink screen. You can also “pop” images on the web, iPhone screenshots, photos from Instagram, and pictures from friends, either individually or as a slideshow. This could be very handy if you need to make urgent notifications, sports scores, maps, notes, calendar, etc., available at a glance.

The screen only uses power when the image changes so it sips negligible power from the phone. It also features a tactile interface based upon the phone’s accelerometer that lets you double tap the back to cycle through images or accept “Pops” from your friends.

The Popslate app allows you to take pictures with the camera, browse the image gallery, manage your library, connect with other users, send and receive photos, and add images to the second screen whenever you want. Popslate is currently raising funds on Indiegogo and is available in black or white for $99 (the retail value is $119). Watch the video below to see it in action:


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