The Fight For Your Vote Measured In Ad Dollars

The Fight For Your Vote Measured In Ad Dollars

An interactive site from CNN and Google shows how much money is raised and spent in each state by the candidates.

Emma Hutchings
  • 6 november 2012

CNN and Google asked production company B-Reel to build the ‘Campaign Explorer‘ website, which tracks and visualizes election data from the CNN API. The site, which uses HTML5, presents data about fundraising, ad spending, and travel for the Obama and Romney campaigns leading up to the 2012 presidential election. B-Reel writes:

We set out to create something that allows users to easily dive deep into the details and explore all the data in a visual manner. However, we didn’t just want to build a data visualization. We took it further by adding interactivity and giving users the functionality that allows them to compare the data state by state and create custom sharable snapshots of the data that is relevant to them.

The Fight For Your Vote In Ad Dollars

The interactive map of the U.S. lets users see what each candidate is spending in each state, how much money has been donated to their campaign, how often they’ve visited, and which candidate is leading where. They can also compare specific states side-by-side and share the data on their social networks.

The Fight For Your Vote In Ad Dollars

Campaign Explorer

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