Evian Introduces Musical Twitter Game [Video]

Evian Introduces Musical Twitter Game [Video]

'Melotweet' turns tweets into drops of water that play a different note when they fall onto various onscreen objects.

Emma Hutchings
  • 1 november 2012

Evian’s ‘Melotweet‘ app for the iPad and Android tablets turns your Twitter timeline into a musical and playful experience, enabling you to interact with it in a new way.

Incoming tweets are transformed into drops of water that fall from the top and play a note when they hit various objects on the screen. If you open up the left pane, you can drag and drop more objects to interact with the tweets and compose a melody. It also has options for playing and pausing your tune, changing the speed, or deleting your composition.

Catching a drop of water by clicking on it lets you read the corresponding tweet, and you can then retweet, add to your favorites, or follow its link. You can also open the right pane to compose your own tweets from the interface. Check out the video below to see the musical app in action:


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