Glasses Turn Book Pages

Glasses Turn Book Pages

Fraunhofer and its partners have developed a new technology allowing surgeons, automotive technicians, or anyone to have completely hands-free document navigation.

Zachary Kraemer
  • 6 november 2012

When working on laborious tasks, one often relies on an instruction manual, whether in a hardcopy book, or on a computer screen. Under certain circumstances, it can be difficult to turn a page or press a button in the midst of a taxing undertaking. Recognizing this potential problem, Fraunhofer has designed a revolutionary device that will change the way surgeons perform operations, and mechanics make repairs to automobiles.

With their cutting edge new glasses, Fraunhofer presents surgeons, mechanics, or anyone who has a need for hands-free document navigation with a useful necessity. Utilizing state of the art technology, the glasses are controlled completely through users eyesight.

While working on the task at hand, users wearing the glasses can fully view their surroundings. However, if they glance up at the horizon line, they will see the document projected in front of them at about 3.3 feet in height. If users wish to turn a page, all they must to is glance at the forward or back arrows displayed. The much anticipated Google Glasses, however, will apparently require users to tilt their head to control the display.

The Fraunhofer glasses are controlled by photodiodes and OLED pixels. The photodiodes work as a camera, which track users eye movement, while the OLED pixels display the document in the users glasses. Together, these two technologies make up the glasses, along with a Windows or Linux computer, which computes all data and dictates what content is displayed to the user.

Fraunhofer Institute for Optronics developed the device in a partnership with COMEDD and TRIVISIO.

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