Peek At What Famous Creatives Have On Their Bookshelves [Pics]

Peek At What Famous Creatives Have On Their Bookshelves [Pics]
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Jane Mount asks creators which books would be included in their ideal collection

Yi Chen
  • 22 november 2012

Artist Jane Mount began a project in 2007 that illustrated “portraits of people through the spines of their books.” Over the years, Mount has interviewed over a hundred exciting creatives and asked them which books would be included on their “ideal bookshelf.” Some of the contributors include chefs, writers, artists, designers, architects, and filmmakers.

Mount has released a book titled, “My Ideal Bookshelf” where every page includes a hand-drawn illustration of the book spines, and a short essay by each contributor explaining why these books are meaningful and important to him/her. The editor of the book, Thessaly La Force, explained in the introduction that:

So much depends on where you, the reader, are — physically and metaphorically — when you decide to pick up a book and give it a chance. Which explains why there’s no such thing as one ideal bookshelf; there is no ur-bookshelf. It would be a mistake to try to read this book with that goal in mind. In the end., the one element that links all the ideal bookshelves in these pages is the never-ending search. e’re all still hunting, still hoping to discover one more book that we’ll love and treasure for the rest of our lives.

Browse through the books below and see if you recognize any of the spines.

Ideal Bookshelf


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