Casey Neistat shows the world the devastation in NYC after 'Frankenstorm,' donates earnings from footage to victims on Staten Island.

While Bloomberg urged NYC citizens to stay inside and weather Sandy from home, film director Casey Neistat took to the streets of Manhattan on his bike to film the storm. Although Bloomberg suspended all outdoor filming permits, Neistat, together with his brother Dean Neistat and Sean Avery, spent 4 hours in lower Manhattan filming the storm's destructive path.

At the beginning of ‘Hurricane Sandy on Bikes in NYC,' we see a city preparing to shut down for the storm, small boats rocking in the wind and waves, and a weatherman standing in a few inches of water.  But as the video advances, we see the frightening progression of the storm; water starts to gush into building basements, the street turns into a rushing river filled with rapids, and the lights go out in lower Manhattan. Shockingly, Neistat and his crew remain on their bikes throughout the entire film, half-biking, half-swimming through the streets.

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