The Outdated USB Memory Collector Hub allows you to use up to 5 old USB keys to increase your storage capacity.

Designers Lee Seungmin and Jin Juhyun have come up with a new concept device which they call the ‘Outdated USB Collector‘.  The premise is simple: round up all the old USB flash drives that you have lying around, hook them in the the dock, and then use them all as one single device.  Rather than simply throwing outdated pieces of technology in to a drawer, the USB collector would give new use to old drives.

On the front of the device there is a constantly updating LCD screen that will tell you exactly how much free storage space is available.  If you run out of memory, just plug in another flash drive to increase space, up to five drives in total.   As technology moves forward, old flash drives become increasingly obsolete.  Rather than simply discarding old ones, they could continue in use hooked up to this device.

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