A creative production agency shows how food and drinks are shot to make them look more visually appealing.

Presentation of food and drinks in advertising media has transformed from being straightforward and flat into a multi-dimensional art form that titillates the senses. Some of the challenges in photography and videography of food and drinks include the preservation of the look of foods that are otherwise easily deformed, such as ice cream and butter, and the general technical set-up required for shooting ever-changing liquids.

In a unique inside look, creative production agency The Marmalade lets us into the insights and technicalities that govern the realm of shooting food, from testing (and retesting) concepts from storyboard and animatics stage down to execution, shooting at a tremendously high frame rate to capture the full dynamics of liquids, finding the “unseen” in every brand, and, in their words, “pouring in, pouring out, letting things fly, splashing, spinning, turning, exploding–you name it.”

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