Graphic Icons Simplify Privacy Policies For Web Users

Graphic Icons Simplify Privacy Policies For Web Users

Mozilla and are experimenting with creating an iconography for websites that makes it easy to understand what online surfers are agreeing to when they browse.

Emma Hutchings
  • 26 november 2012

Instead of reading through complicated text that lets you know what a website’s privacy policy is, startup is developing a set of icons in partnership with Mozilla and leading privacy experts. This work-in-progress aims to simplify privacy policies by creating an iconography for websites to use. These would let users know exactly what to expect, like whether a site sells personal information for third-party use or how long it stores your data. The NY Times notes that:

Web users can install a browser plug-in, available for now only on the Firefox browser made by Mozilla. Once the plug-in is installed, visited Web sites will be marked with a series of icons summing up their privacy terms. The experiment is part of a nascent movement by privacy advocates to educate Internet users about the spread of their personal data online and to offer tools that allow them to control who sees what.

Graphic Icons Alert Web Users To Privacy Policies

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