French Designers Hack IKEA Products To Create Original Furniture [Pics]

French Designers Hack IKEA Products To Create Original Furniture [Pics]
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For Design Tour 2012, ten young creatives have taken some classic products and turned them into new items.

Emma Hutchings
  • 29 november 2012

As part of Design Tour 2012, the exhibition ‘In the mood for IKEA‘ features the work of ten French designers who were let loose in the Swedish furniture giant’s textile aisle. Their creative projects are a far cry from the original products they chose to work with.

French Designers Hack IKEA Products

The designers taking part were Juan Pablo Naranjo and Jean-Christophe Orthlieb (NOCC), Alban Le Henry, Antoine Phelouzat, Bina Baitel, Emilie Colin Garros, François Mangeol, Jean Couvreur, Océane Delain, Samuel Accoceberry, and Victoria Wilmotte. One of the designs features 61 small bathroom rugs put together like roof tiles to create a larger chic rug. Another makes use of the ‘bolt’ fabric to create unique knotted rugs inspired by “baderne,” a type of knot-tying used in the navy. Click through to see all of the designs:

In the mood for IKEA

Photos by Yannick Labrousse

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