Radiant Energy Creates Healthy Deep-Fried Food Without Using Oil [Video]

Radiant Energy Creates Healthy Deep-Fried Food Without Using Oil [Video]

Fryer uses new technology to cook foods with less fat and fewer calories.

Yi Chen
  • 19 november 2012

Professor Kevin M. Keener from Purdue University has developed a device that will allow people to eat fried foods without consuming as many calories. The food scientist created the ‘radiant fryer’ where food items such as hamburger patties or fries are cooked as they travel along a moving conveyor belt.  The contraption replaces oil with radiant energy to cook the foods that results in the same texture and flavor as when it’s been deep fried.

The radiant fryer is still a prototype and Keener believes that the device could be particularly useful for school cafeterias, and the fast food industry. He is currently looking into licensing the technology. Keeler explains that:

Kids are familiar with fast food, and they consume a lot of it each year. The radiant fryer cooks food in a way that simulates fried fast foods, but with fewer calories and fat. Using the radiant fryer could satisfy kids who crave fast food.

Watch the video below to see the radiant fryer in action.

Purdue University

+Purdue University

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