Bridge Held Up By Helium Balloons

Bridge Held Up By Helium Balloons
Arts & Culture

This structure isn't walkable but its inventive design raises questions about whether this could be a new, fast way to build suspended structures.

Emma Hutchings
  • 7 november 2012

There have been some pretty inventive ideas for bridges lately, like the inflatable trampoline concept. This one is an installation suspended by three large helium balloons. Designed by French installation artist Olivier Grossetête, Pont de Singe is located over a lake in the Japanese Garden at Tatton Park in the UK.

Bridge Installation Held Aloft By Helium Balloons

Designboom notes that the bridge, which unfortunately isn’t walkable, is an extension of his earlier 2007 work Pont Suspendu. Designed for contemplation rather than function, the work aims to recall “the power of daydreams and their ability to transform reality”.

Bridge Installation Held Aloft By Helium Balloons

Olivier Grossetete

Photos by Duncan Hull


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